Satellite Class Requirements

If you would like IMSA to come to your location and hold a class these are the requirements:

  1. All classes will be scheduled and coordinated through the Southwestern Section IMSA Certification Chairman at the Section office. 
  2. Guarantee a minimum of 10 or more students per Class
  3. Submit a request for Satellite courses with the Southwestern section office a minimum of 3-4 months prior to anticipated class date.
  4. Provide a Classroom/Meeting Room to accommodate all students with table tops.
  5. The classroom should have Video projection, audio and power

Please understand that these courses are not “On-Demand”, and they will need to be approved. There is lead time for manuals to get to the students and for tests to be ordered and approved. 


Our Moderators are volunteers, and that being said, we have to find a schedule for these satellite courses that is mutually agreeable between the requestors and our Moderators. So, requestors need to understand that just because they request a Satellite course, it does not necessarily mean it will approved within the time frame they are expecting.

Moderators will be provided based on our internal criteria, so an agency cannot be guaranteed a certain Moderator even if requested. Moderators are not authorized to set schedules, nor negotiate class arrangements, as class schedules and requests must be coordinated through the section office, so please contact the section office ONLY for scheduling classes, Moderators may be contacted after the classes have been approved to coordinate logistical arrangements.

Exam Proctoring

Exams are normally scheduled at section conferences and satellite classes, however if it becomes necessary for an agency to request certification exams for a number of employees, we will try to work with the agency to help. This is usually handled on a case by case basis. As stated above, there is lead time involved.

If we need to send a proctor to travel, then there will be a separate travel fee added in addition to the member and or non-member exam fees that apply, and we will require a minimum number before we will travel to an agency. If there are only one or two persons needing exams, our policy is to ask you to send the person to our nearest proctor at a mutually agreeable time and date, after the exam schedule is approved. Please coordinate through our section office.

Contact Info

Contact Lisa Purdy @ 972-291-5549 for Pricing