An update from your President

September 2019

A quick update for everyone. 

I hope this heat is on the way out and I know I am looking forward to some fall weather.

During the International Conference and Expo held in New Orleans, Louisiana our own Adrian Olguin was sworn in as the International President for IMSA. I am glad I, as well as the majority of the Southwestern Section’s Board of Directors, were on hand to support Adrian. I look forward to working with Adrian in the next year and offer the support of the Southwestern Section to him. I, on behalf of the Southwestern Section, want to offer our congratulations to Adrian for him working hard and obtaining the Presidency.

At our annual business meeting and elections that was held at the International conference on Tuesday August 20th, 2019, per the Southwestern Section’s bylaws, an election was held and I am proud to announce the results of that election.

1. Alternate Delegate – Tracy Nichols - City of Frisco

2. Vendor Representative – Luis Lopez - Pelco, Inc.

3. Arkansas State Director - Alan Alvey - City of Conway

4. Louisiana State Director - Jose Gomez - City of McAllen

5. Oklahoma State Director - Jim Coffman - City of Edmond

6. Texas State Director - David Stallings - Town of Flower Mound

Congratulations to the above Officers who were elected and re-elected. I look forward to working with each of them for the betterment of the section.

An awards Committee was formed prior to the International Conference and I was honored to present these awards to the deserving Individuals from our Section. The awards recipients were:

Agency Awards

o Town of Flower Mound – For allowing the use of their facilities for Board Meetings and allowing their personnel to work on our section section’s trailer and other projects when needed.

o City of Baytown, TX. – For accommodating numerous Satellite courses and for promoting the Southwestern Section IMSA.

5 Year Moderator awards - Given to the following individuals for their dedication to the section by volunteering to moderate for 5 years.

o Mike Durgin

o Randy Wellhausen

Vendor Appreciation awards – Given to the following companies that have supported the Southwestern Section for the past year and have attended numerous functions of the section.

o Sky Bracket

o Paradigm

Special Volunteer awards

o Ray Purdy – Awarded to Ray for his dedication to the section’s satellite program. He has been the go to moderator when no one else could. Ray has also been moderating for the Southeastern section to assist them while they try to replenish their moderator pool.

o Mike Durgin – Mike has been tirelessly working on and re-organizing the section’s trailer. Mike has also been the one I have counted on to ensure we have give-a-ways and raffle items at each of our conferences.

Volunteer awards

o David Stallings – For his work on obtaining new course certifications a so he can moderate new courses offered by IMSA. He has also allowed his employees to work on section projects during working hours to ensure the sections needs have been met.

o Jose Gomez – For his work preparing for and executing all the details for the 2019 International Conference in New Orleans

o Kevin Harvill – For his dedication to our section promoting IMSA and graciously hosting satellite classes whenever asked.

Outstanding Member award

o Steve Martin – For his support and dedication to the Section. Steve always has a can-do attitude and has always answered the call to duty when asked.

Presidential Award – This award is given to a member, chosen by the Southwestern Section President, who in the President’s opinion helped and assisted them in the past year.

o Tracy Nichols – Tracy has been a huge help to me this past year. I have looked to Tracy for advice this past year and he has always been available to do so with his many years of experience. Tracy has helped me through dilemmas that have come up during my 1st year as President by helping me see all sides and to keep focused on the best interest of the members of the Southwestern section.

CONGRATULATIONS to all of the above recipients, I am thankful to have a great group supporting me to keep the Southwestern section running and to continue to be the best section within the IMSA organization.

There was one more award presented by the Awards Committee, the Professional Excellence award. I was and am honored to be the recipient of this award. I am humbled that I was even considered for this award. Thank you to Awards Committee for this honor and I will try my best to live up to this award in the years to come.

We are going to be at Great Wolf Lodge again in November 2019. We are also excited to be looking at Horseshoe Casino in Bossier City for the June 2020 conference. We are also looking at going to a 5-day conference for the June 2020 conference, look for more info on this in the months to come. Preliminary planning has been started for both of these conferences. 

We look forward to continued Vendor support, as it is ALWAYS appreciated and welcome. If anyone has any ideas or suggestions please feel free to email me. 

Thank you to all our members for supporting our section and I look forward to seeing everyone at the fall conference at the Great Wolf Lodge in Grapevine, Texas.


Randy Wellhausen, President  

Southwestern Section IMSA